Sunday, February 13, 2011

Polls & Quizzes in the Classroom

When I look through my Facebook stream it seems as if the only things ever accomplished online are polls and quizzes.  I can find out which color my aura is (purple), which famous star would be my best match (results are inconclusive at this time), my Disney Princess (Aurora), what type of shoe I am (?!), and a plethora of other useless information.  On the other hand, if I know my students seek out quizzes to learn more about themselves in their spare time, I would be remiss to not include this type of activity in my classroom.  It also makes perfect sense with the developmental stage of most middle school and high school students that they are obsessed with these types of 'discover yourself' quizzes.
A few that I have found:

Myers-Briggs-esque Quizzes
HumanMetrics.  This test has around 75 questions and gives a lot of great information on the personality types.
Facebook Application. This test seems accurate, but fewer questions and less info on the personality types.

Learning Styles
Peterson's.  This 20-some-odd question quiz tells students if they are an auditory, visual, or tactile learners.  Students can get study tips based on their specific learning style and take additional quizzes from this site as well.
Birmingham Grid for Learning.  This quiz is one of my favorites.  It shows students what type of learning style they have according to Gardner's list.  Each student gets a code that you can enter into the site and get an overall average for your class.

Political Quizzes  Thanks to Partially Blue over at Blogging Blue for finding this one.  I think students would struggle with some of the questions which are a little ambiguous.  However, I think it would lead to a lot of interesting discussions about what factors of morality impact political affiliation.
Political Compass.  A popular quick quiz that plots the user on a grid of conservative and liberal with authoritarian and libertarian.  It's important to note that this quiz is not specific to American politics -- liberal and conservative are not stand-ins for Democrat and Republican.

Make your own
Poll Daddy and Survey Monkey allow you to customize quizzes for your specific curricular needs.
What are your favorite quizzes to use in class?

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